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Company : HISTORIC


2014  :

Marketing of loader MANIP' MPower 350 .

2013 à 2014  :

New investments are realized on LOUDUN : a CNC saw, and HD plasma flame cutting table and a CNC high-capacity folding machine.


Signing of the agreement between ARGO TRACTORS and MANIP'. 

Present of a prototype of loader high capacity at SIMA 2013. 

2012 :   

Launching a new frontloaders range : MClassic/MStandard (loaders with or without self-levelling) coumpounds of rigid and integrated hydraulic hose.

MANIP' reveals her new range of cast masses.

MANIP' equips a 3D scanner to accelerate adaptations studies.

2010  :

RIBOULEAU family trusts MAILLEUX family by selling his participation in the company MANIP'.

2007  :

The MP'175A, new MANIP' loader high power, is launched on the market. Public works machine inspired MANIP', who now uses a maximum of rigid pipes integrated under arms with an easy access.


Inspired by MP'175A, a new frontloader range is created. MANIP' MPowers are more practical with their  MANIP'Lock in standard, allowing farmer to change tools in a trice



Since 1994, MANIP’ grows regularly on the french market especially with the MP' range that answer farmers expectations.

Loaders exports began with Switzerland and Holland.  

Production   : 

Frontloaders MANIP', subframes, and tools are made in LOUDUN (Vienne – France).

Production unity extends over 6.650m² covered and forty people work here. 

Research departement , has 5 technicians and prototypists, uses the latest technology such as CAD to design MANIP' loaders.

2005   :

MANIP' innovate by launching a new range  MP'A loaders . New models appears carrying this range to 11 models. This one has the new hitching Méga-Matic 2


Picture of the team MANIP'.. 

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